Please join us as a member of our life-saving team by subscribing today!

This year, we would like each and every resident to join our LIFE-SAVING team by subscribing, as the value of this program could save you hundreds of dollars!  With the increase of co-pays to over $100 and deductibles ranging as high as $2500, a subscription to Ross/West View EMS Authority could limit any out of pocket expense when an emergency occurs.

The tax-deductible subscription program offered by Ross/West View EMS, a non-profit Authority, is designed to help assure the continued 24 hour availability of high quality pre- hospital emergency medical services.

Each year the Ross/West View Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Authority responds to thousands of ambulance calls throughout our communities.  Whether it is a heart attack or illness at home, a medical emergency at the local shopping mall, or an automobile accident, Ross/West View EMS will be there.

Our advanced life support ambulances and rescue truck are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dedicated professionals to protect you and your loved ones.  We could not achieve this task without the support of our residents.

The funds collected from the subscription program are used by Ross/West View EMSA to offset costs associated with purchasing and equipping emergency vehicles.

We at Ross/West View EMS remain committed to providing the most up-to-date ambulance service for you.  WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO PROVIDE THIS SERVICE WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF OUR RESIDENTS!  Our highly trained personnel have responded to your calls, and now we ask you to please respond to ours.


As always, we thank you for your continued support.



Bryan S. Kircher


We proudly offer Vial of Life decals to our community for free. We feel that the Vial of Life Project is a most important program for protecting seniors and others in need. We would like to thank American Senior Safety Medical Alert Systems for donating these kits to our organization.

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