Annual EMS Fee

Dear Resident and Business Owner,

Ross/West View Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) has a long history of being a leader in Pennsylvania’s EMS system.  Advancing clinical care each day, we lead our system in how EMS organizations should be managed and demonstrate the very best compassion and patient care anywhere.  Beyond emergency ambulance responses, Ross/West View EMSA spends countless hours engaging our communities in programs to prevent injury and loss of life.  We spend countless hours teaching citizens, and other public safety professionals various classes ranging from CPR, First Aid, Emergency Medical Technician all the way through advanced rescue training.  Our EMT’s and Paramedics participate in and lead multiple local, county, and regional teams for specialized care and rescue.

Why Do I Pay an EMS Fee?

As EMS has changed dramatically over the years, with increased employee costs, fewer volunteers, dramatically increased expenses, and a significant decline in insurance reimbursement, we now operate at a financial loss.

Without the addition of meaningful change and sustainable funding, Ross/West View EMSA will need to begin to downsize, shed services and operate at a much lower standard than we have all come to expect. Our future is in jeopardy. The time for change is now.

What We Do

Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue

Ross/West View EMSA is unique among emergency medical services in its ability to provide rescue services while providing advanced life support care. In our repertoire, we have the training and equipment to engage in vehicle rescue, rope rescue, and confined space rescue, and can provide initial support for trench and structure collapse rescue. We require our staff to hold a level of basic rescue training and support advanced training for our staff to become rescue technicians. We operate an Advanced Life Support rescue truck and provide rescue services for our entire coverage area.

Special Response Team


NHSRT- North Hills Special Response Team

The North Hills Special Response Team is comprised of specially trained police officers from various departments who respond to high-acuity violent incidents. Ross/West View provides tactical medical backup for this team, with specially trained paramedics that respond alongside law enforcement officers. While they perform separate duties within this team, having medical providers on these teams allows for the safe and effective resolution of these high-stakes calls. For more information regarding the NHSRT, visit their website at

Mass Casualty Response

Resuce Truck

Mass Casualty Response

Ross/West View operates a mass casualty response vehicle for large-scale multiple-patient incidents. The Mass Casualty Unit (210MCU-5) is housed at our main station and staffed by our employees when called upon. This unit provides coverage for our immediate response area and also operates as a county-wide resource available for any mass casualty response. As a Region 13 asset, the MCU can also be called beyond the county lines when needed. This unit also allows us to provide rehabilitation services for fire crews or other rescue teams during long-term incidents, ensuring the safety and efficiency of public safety members in strenuous conditions or poor weather. The MCU is also able to be deployed for large-scale special events, providing our crews the equipment they need to provide care to a large group of people, without needing to remove supplies from our regular service ambulances.

Strike Team

PA Region 13 Strike Team

PA Region 13 Strike Team

The PA Region 13 Strike Team provides a wealth of specialist equipment, personnel, and services as-needed for special operations in the southwest region of Pennsylvania. For unique dangers such as hazardous materials incidents, structure collapse, and water rescue response, the Strike Team provides an umbrella organization to coordinate equipment and personnel. With our focus on special rescue training, Ross/West View has multiple members that are Strike Team personnel, and our Mass Casualty Unit is an asset that can be called upon for Strike Team purposes. For more information, visit the Strike Teams’ website:

Rescue Team

Memeber n a tunnel/well

North Hills Technical Rescue Team

The North Hills Technical Rescue Team (NHTRT) is a group of highly-trained rescue technicians available for complex rescue calls in the North Hills. Multiple members of Ross/West View EMSA’s staff are also members of the NHTRT, and our rescue truck is an asset that can be called upon for rescue calls in the region. With our focus on rescue training, R/WV EMSA is able to support our staff with access to technical rescue training for multiple specialist disciplines. Additionally, we are able to provide the NHTRT with members from a medical background, improving the medical skills that can be brought to the patients who find themselves in need of rescue.

Important Deadlines

EMS Fee (Discount Period)June 1st
EMS Fee DueAugust 31st

Who Do We Serve?

Service Area (specified by borough)

map of the boroughs

5 Communities

Ross Township
West View
Ohio Township

Map Source from PA DOT

Geography Stats

CommunitySquare MilesPopulationSpecial Hazards
Ross Township14.6 Square Miles 30,487Retail, Highways, Hotels, Business, High-Rises, etc.
West View Borough1.6 Square Miles6547West View Plaza, Retail, West View High-Rise
Millvale Borough1.0 Square Miles3686Route 28, Allegheny River, Industry, Retail
Reserve Township2.2 Square Miles3234Limited Access Sections, Elevation
Ohio Township6.9 Square Miles6767Rapid Growth, 279 & 79, Verland Special Needs Population, Limited Access Areas
Total 26.3 Square Miles50,721

See The Ordinances

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Annual EMS Fee FAQ

What happens to the existing subscription revenue?

$330,000 in subscription revenue goes away from the budget.

What happens to the existing municipal funding?

    1. Once the fee is established and collection is flowing, the municipalities can eliminate the EMS Funding line item from their general fund and repurpose that money how they decide best.  That is $335,000.00 out of the existing EMS Budget.
    2. Total impact on the EMS budget is a $1.8 Million collection if everybody pays.  1.8 Million less $665,000.00 above in addition to significantly higher write offs.

Are all residents who are current on their fee, “Subscribers”?

Yes – It improves from a 50% discount for out of pocket to a 100% Discount and residents who are already subscribing would be saving money and increasing benefits.  This is why the write offs increase.

Can we legally do this – EMS Authority implementing a fee?

Yes – Municipal Authorities are permitted to collect fees for services.

What do we take away if somebody doesn’t pay or what is the penalty?

Residents or businesses who do not pay would be sanctioned with a late fee, would be responsible for 100% of their ambulance bill if they use EMS, and eventually property liens, if required.  It is certainly not our desire to be chasing people for late fees, liens and magistrate appearances.  In 2023 residents and businesses have 6 months to pay.  In 2024 8 months before August 31st.  The fee is nominal, we have a number of payment options and a hardship policy if needed.

How do we figure out who to bill in the case of multifamily dwellings or apartment buildings?

It would be the responsibility of the landlord to collect and distribute the fee to their tenants at $55.00 per unit as defined by the ordinance.

How did we decide on $55.00/household and what impact does that have on our budget?

After the loss of subscription revenue, municipal funding and changes to our contractual allowance, our net positive would be around $850,000.00. We plan to increase staff wages and benefits, make capital improvements to facilities and purchase new additions to our fleet. 

Does the authority have the ability to raise the fee?

Only with the approval of all 5 municipalities by resolution.

Who manages collection – Township or EMS Authority?

Ross/West View EMS Authority through a collection service.

Who tracks where funds go once they're collected?

Ross/West View EMSA is a municipal Authority and 501C3 non-profit entity.  Each year we provide our budget, IRS Tax Filing and annual Audit to each of our five community partners.